• Director's Message

    Dear All,
    DPS Secunderabad is committed to provide an academically rigorous and relevant program which teaches students to act responsibly, think critically and contribute to a changing society.

    Our aim is to impart ideal education for life and global leadership. We are facilitating the child under our care to be ready for society as an emotionally intelligent child, one capable of shouldering responsibility and adaptation in managing oneself under any circumstances.

    We provide them conducive learning environment both in academic and non-academic aspects of students’ learning. Our facilitators under the guidance of the head of the institution, facilitate a culture of independence and quality teaching with a strong student teacher relationship forming the foundation of our highly scholastic programme.

    I wish you all a great and fruitful year ahead.
    With Best wishes
    Rekha Aggarwala,
    Director – Academics.

  • Pro-Vice Chairman’s Message

    Delhi Public Schools, Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Miyapur founded under the aegis of Vidyananda Education Society are discharging the duty of imparting quality education with an exemplary sense of dedication

    DPS, Secunderabad, which functions under the able guidance of Principal and a dedicated team of committed facilitators constantly guides and mentors hundreds of students to realise & fulfil their potential. The facilitators at DPS Secunderabad are well qualified and well-trained who familiarize themselves with the ever changing trends in education, polishing their knowledge and skills.

    In consonance with the Indian ethos of adherence to values, DPS, Secunderabad ensures that the dipsites imbibe the ethics and values that will enable them to live an ethically correct life in the long run. Affirming and practising universal principles of peace, love service, tolerance and faith improves the quality of life of the students. The ethos of the school enables them to face the challenges of life outside of school and carry forward the vision of the school ‘Service Before self’ at all times. We expect our dipsites to always strive for excellence in all walks of life thereby realising the motto of the school ‘Pursuit of Excellence’.

  • Principal's Message

    Dear All,

    The academic session 2019-20 beckons us with and told possibility and countless opportunities to excel. As we step into the 17th year of our existence, we look back like Janus at the years of experience and achievements that have shaped and moulded us; we also look ahead at the unexplored vistas and avenues that await us. We are confident that students, teachers and parents will synergize their energies to enable all students to excel.

    The almanac serves as a framework, as a scaffolding that outlines all the rules and regulations and the events planned. We request parents to familiarise themselves with all the rules and norms such that we work in tandem. We also request students to know and adhere to all the norms that make them true Dipsites.

    We wish everyone the very best for 2019-20!
    Shailaja Gopinath,
    DPS, Secunderabad.