Dance Room


Trailokasyaasya sarvasya naatyam bhaavaanukeertanam||


Meaning:- Naatya is the glorification of all the emotive features of the world.





The aesthetic pleasure is equated with the supreme bliss by later rhetoricians (brahmananda sahodaraha). They even give their theory, the vedic sanction, by quoting, “raso vai saha”.


This pleasure is experienced by the connoisseur when he/she loses himself/herself in the enjoyment of witnessing a visual art like dance or drama, listening to an enchanting song, reading a penetrating book or visualising an eye – capturing painting or sculpture.


Visual art in the form of Drama or Dance – drama was one of the most popular and effective mode of communication and chief source of entertainment. It is due to this reason that this art-from has been enhanced and elevated to the level of Veda by naming it as Natya –Veda.


Guided by the essence of the spirituality enshrined in dance, we strive to bestow on our students the knowledge of various dance forms. The Dance Room in fact informs the very soul of aesthetic endeavour in school.


The Dance Dept. imparts training in Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Folk Dance, Creative Dance and various forms of Western Dance such as Hip Hop and Salsa. How well the students imbibe this learning is amply demonstrated by the array of trophies won by students at various competitions.


Dukkhaartanaam shokaartaanaam tapasvinaam |Vishraantijananam kale naatyametad bhavishyati


Dance will provide solace to the afflicted, fatigued, miserable ones and ascetics, tired of religious ceremonies.


                                                                                                                                       -Bharata’s Natya Sastra