Sports play a pivotal role in the life of a student.  Sports not only enhance physical and mental abilities but also help in the make-up of students’ personality.  It helps them to learn invaluable lessons of life and leadership; develop values like discipline, responsibilities, self-confidence, sacrifice and accountability.  It teaches students to be competitive and at the same time become good team members.


The school has facilities for the following disciplines:


1. Basketball


2. Table Tennis


3. Chess


4. Carroms


Facilities are provided for the following team games:


01. Athletics


02. Table Tennis


03. Football


04. Volleyball


05. Basketball


06. Handball


07. Chess


08. Lawn Tennis


09. Cricket


10. Tae Kwon do


In addition to regular Physical Education classes students from Class IV onwards have two additional periods dedicated to Team Games which is compulsory for all students.  Students are encouraged to participate and play in State and National level tournaments.  Students also take part in Inter-School and Inter-DPS tournaments.