Cultural Extravaganza - Class II

RÉCOLTER - Cultural Extravaganza (21.01.2011)


by Class II 


At Ravindra Bharati


“Things great have small beginnings.  Every downpour is just a raindrop; every fire is just a spark; every harvest is just a seed; every journey is just a step because without that step there will be no journey; without that raindrop, there can be no shower; without that seed, there can be no harvest”.


– William Wilberforce


A grand cultural extravaganza Récolter was presented with great enthusiasm by the students of Class II of Delhi Public School, Secunderabad on 21 January 2011 at Ravindra Bharathi Auditorium. The Guest for the day was  Dr. N. Kantha Rao, IPS, Special Officer [Tourism] and Director, Cultural Youth Advancement, Tourism and Cultural Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Principal of Delhi Public School, Secunderabad welcomed large gathering of parents of the Dipsites. 


The programme began on a sacred note with an Invocation song - ‘Ganesh Vandana' seeking Almighty’s blessings.  The Dipsites embarked on a timeless rhythmic invocation dance to honour Lord Sun who is the source and sustainer of all life on earth.


“The best moments of school life are the exhilarating celebration of festivals”. The various harvest festivals around the world were portrayed with colourful group dances by the students. The harvest festivals of Japan, Kashmir, Gujarat, Assam, Maharashtra, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh were exhibited to the audience. The colourful display of folk dances enthralled the audience.


The highlight of the Programme was a skit on “Jai Jawan-Jai Kisan” which stressed the invaluable contribution of the farmers to our Nation.  The students performed with great enthusiasm and showered their love and affection in abundance.


This programme was a colourful exhibition of the creative talents of our students. 'Sankranthi Sambaralu' reiterated the importance of culture and values in our lives.  This life of ours can definitely be stroked by a medicine called 'Values'


The enthusiastic participation of the students was a treat to watch and worthy of appreciation. 


On the whole, the programme brought about the spirit of thanks giving, the love of family the value of hard work and appreciation of the land and celestial power found in all cultures.