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Educational Field Trips

Educational Field trips are an integral part of the curriculum at Delhi Public School Secunderabad. Field trips are organized periodically to broaden the horizons of the students. Children eagerly look forward to their field trips and excursions which provide a right combination of learning and entertainment. They provide ample opportunities to optimize concept development through active and explorative experiences and at the same time enhance their interpersonal skills as they learn to interact with their peers, teachers and other adults outside the realms of the regular classroom.  It also fosters a sense of team work and increase children’s knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. 

DurationCategoryOpen to Classes

Half-day to Full Day

Educational Places of Interest

All Classes (Twice a year)

2-5 daysExcursions to Historical places and other places of interestClass V and above

Pre-Primary Field Trip – A Report

“Children desperately need to know - and to hear in ways they understand and remember – for that there is nothing than experiencing in the open”.

       -Paul Smally

A well planned field trip offers students a pragmatic learning experience. There is no other learning which is better than seeing and doing hands-on.

An outing with a learning objective helps enhance cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. It reinforces newly acquired skills and extends classroom learning, encourages children to use imagination and most importantly be creative. It fosters individual learning styles and nurtures a love for learning in all children.

The Pre–primary children of Delhi Public School, Secunderabad went for a field trip on Saturday, 03 August 2013. A bunch of excited students were taken to Indira Park. The little ones were raving to get onto the bus and en route to the park, they were excited seeing the Hussain Sagar in full flow. A couple of them vociferously argued on the number of fish and other aquatic animals that could be there in the lake.

The vast expanse of greenery and the well laid lawns were an open invite for the little ones to let loose and go traipsing all over the park. They were ecstatic to be one with nature and had a gala time playing various games amidst the pruned greenery and trees. The placid lake added to the beauty and made the children even more excited. It was a tough task for the teachers to keep up with the energetic students who were all over the place. Their curiosity knew no bounds. Everyone had so many questions about what they saw in the park – the different types of plants, trees, flowers and birds. They spoke about various living things and non-living things they saw in the park.

The bubbly and vivacious children had a whale of a time in the play area which had swings, see-saws, slides and merry-go-round. The numerous other rides multiplied the fun. It was tough to get the children to sit in groups and share their snacks with their friends. Everyone was so animated that they only wanted to talk and talk. All the children had great fun and were longing for more. On the way back to school in the bus children spoke of various experiences they had during the field trip. In a true sense the field trip helped children co-relate the concepts taught in class with real life experiences. It is pertinent to note what Ignacio Estrada said, “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

Study Tour to France – A Report

(08 – 17 April 2012)

On April 08 2012, at 0200 hrs, an hour when schools should normally be closed, Delhi Public School, Secunderabad was alive and buzzing with activity. The reason? 20 students were leaving on a 10 - day tour to France. The students along with 2 teachers were in Rouen, Normandy for 6 days and attended language classes at the Alliance Française in Rouen. Neither the biting cold nor the chilling winds in France could dampen the spirits of this enthusiastic group. The children stayed in homes away from their homes- with host families- and actively participated in all activities for 5 days which culminated in an ‘Indian evening’ when they were awarded their certificates from the Alliance Française of Rouen as per the CECR guidelines. After an evening filled with hugs and tearful goodbyes as they left their ‘families’, the children bounced back effervescently as they arrived in Paris on Saturday evening.

Paris, nothing stopped the students of Delhi Public School Secunderabad, who absorbed art and culture from all around them at the Louvre, and other monuments around them. Jumping in and out of metro trains and with a ‘never-say-die’ spirit, the students made most of their brief sojourn in France, taking in the night cruise on the river Seine and the arduous climb to the second floor of the Eiffel tower with equal gusto.

Does it mean the teachers and students at the school are looking forward to the next tour to France with the same undying spirit and enthusiasm? YES- without a doubt!

Report on Night Sky Observation

Delhi Public School, Secunderabad is one of the pioneer schools in the cities to have conducted the Astro Club Programme. Our school had organized a Night Sky Observation Programme for the Astro Club members on Thursday, 15 and Friday 16 November 2012.

The Astro Club members were taken to a resort located near Keesaragutta and were accompanied by four teachers.

It was an opportunity which was truly enriching for the children and their eyes dazzled in wonder amazement as they watched the celestial bodies. It was a unique experience for them. They gained a lot of knowledge related to celestial objects, They also learnt about handling of telescopes, Astro Labs for finding out the directions. This experience has ignited among the students a keen interest in celestial bodies which has inspired them to delve deeper into the world of astronomy.

The following activities were organized in this session:

(1) The exploration of the night sky involving discovering various planets, their moons, galaxies, constellations, nebulae and other celestial bodies.

(2) A Space Walk session.

(3) An Astro quiz which held the students spell bound.

(4) On the whole it was an experience that every student will cherish for a long time.

Adventure Camps held during October, November & December 2011

An Aventure Par Excellence!                                                                   

Enthusiasm danced and anticipation beckoned the students of Class VII when it was divulged to them that they would be whisked on an Adventure Camp. The much awaited day had dawned. The buses with all the pulsating bundles of merriment were bound camp wards. Joy was outpouring in the buses as the children travelled and their teachers looked on dotingly. The children disembarked at the camp where they were welcomed and were divided into teams, with an escort teacher entrusted for ably scaffolding every team. The day saw the children participating in gripping activities like the commando net, rappelling and zorbing. The escort teachers led the children to the activities constantly motivating them and egging them on to adept participation. The children lapped up all the excitement and adventure devouring all the fun with their adrenalin doing its rounds. After the activities it was their turn to participate in a skit presentation, which was essayed off well by all the teams. The children were then led in a candle lit trail which made an esoteric sight! Then the children danced around the bonfire usurping every trace of darkness with sparkles of their euphoric performances. Adventure surfaced once again with children cherishing their experience of sleeping in the tents with beams from their flashlights forming eerie patterns of light in the darkness. The spirit of camaraderie was fully brought to the fore. Dipsites were very self-reliant and their conduct was exemplary.

After trekking, there were many more activities slated for the day like bush- crafting, treasure hunt, which the children participated with gusto and found it tantamount to delight. A short valedictory function ensued where awards for many areas of excellence were given. It may be reckoned that the camp would be a consummate experience that every participating Dipsite would prize!

An Adventure Camp ….. In the lap of Mother Nature

With lot of hustle and bustle, joy and excitement the Class VI Dipsites took off for their adventure camp which offered a lively, positive and a diverse environment. They boarded the bus to feast their eyes on well laid out colourful tents at the campsite. After a warm welcome, the students were divided into eight teams, with an escort teacher.

The camp incorporated a range of adventure options which encouraged the students to move beyond their comfort zone and experience the rewards of achievement. Through challenge, at personal and team level, students experience enhanced self esteem and confidence, improved communication skills and a greater sense of affinity with peers and teachers.

They participated wholeheartedly in treasure hunt, bush crafting and various other activities. Before proceeding towards home, a short valedictory function was held where awards for many areas of distinction were given. The children took home good memories and experiences of the adventure camp …memories they would cherish for a long time.

Beneath the Stars

                                         ‘An Adventure Camp’

It is aptly said that “The experience you gain in a day from the outside world, is worth more than reading a thousand books”

Delhi Public School, Secunderabad had organized an overnight camp ‘Beneath the Stars’ for the students of Class IV, at a retreat located about 40 kms. away from the school. For many, it was their first time away from home. The main objective of the camp was to expose the students to real life adventure through fun, games and activities, helping them to acquire new skills and developing in them a spirit of team work, competency and self-confidence.

The students enjoyed a range of activities which included Knot Practice, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Commando Net, Burma Rope, Zorbing, Zip-line, Tent Pitching, and Trekking under the watchful guidance of experts. Students also took part in activities like Caterpillar Race, Australian Trolley and Blind Fold which fostered in the students, an interest in physical activity and improved their motor skills.

The blissful evening ended with the lighting of the campfire by the Principal and children presenting skits and songs and frolicking around the fire-ring-a-boo. This camp initiated the students into the wonderful experience of camping. After a sumptuous and yummy dinner, students went into their sleeping bags to wake up the next day for a few more exhilarating, exciting and adventurous activities.

The day ended when the teachers and the students boarded the bus with heavy hearts, looking forward with great expectations to another invigorating and thrilling adventure camp!

Adventure Camp –‘Beneath the Stars’

A camp in wilderness,

A wonderful treat!

To play and to learn

And lots to eat!

Zipline, zorbing, rock climbing and rappling...

Self cooking, flag capturing and of course tent pitching

Treasure hunt was awesome and so was trekking

As view on the hill was really breathtaking!

Sleeping with friends in cozy tent

Sharing fun filled accounts of every event!

The overnight camp ‘Beneath the Stars’

Is the best camp ever under the stars!

So never miss a camp if there is one

You’ll never find a challenging camp better than this one!

Prakruti Goswami - Class V

Little did we know that happiness was beginning to bloom when we waved goodbye to our parents who had come to see us off for the adventure camp. We were pretty excited about the camp since fortnight thinking about the time we would spend with our friends at the camp. 

As the bus drove away from school…we had mixed feelings. For the first time we were away from home and our dear parents. We had no idea what was in store for us. As we reached the campsite, we almost screamed with joy when we saw rows of blue and red coloured tents waiting for our arrival.  After a refreshing fruit drink, all of us were led through a host of adventure activities ranging from Commando Net to Burma Rope and Rock Climbing! Each activity required strength, courage and teamwork. We almost felt like a bird flying in the air as we slid across the Zipline. The best part was that the uncles at the camp not only ensured our safety but also helped us overcome our fear.   

As the sun set, the camp fire was lit and we felt it was the best place on the earth. Dancing around the bonfire, singing songs, and presenting skits with friends were indeed magical. The early morning trek and team building activities on the following day kept us busy till noon…when it was time to go back home. We boarded the bus with sweet memories to meet our parents, waiting for us at school and to narrate every moment of this invigorating and exhilarating camp!

-Students of Class V