Literary Club

"School is about practicing to wrap one's mind around real and complex ideas, those of fundamental consequence for oneself and for the culture."


                                                                                                                         -Theodore Sizer


The Literary Club is for VI to VIII Graders who will meet during school hours, once a week to discuss previously assigned tasks and learn new literary ones. Literary Club offers students the opportunity to read and discuss stories in small groups led by trained teachers. An outgrowth of our constructivist approach to learning, students learn to approach literature in the spirit of inquiry, to discover how productive the creative and critical thinking of a group can be. They tussle with a piece of literature. They learn to think about an author's purpose, to develop questions which can be approached from multiple perspectives, and to value the richness of the group's thinking.




Broaden our intellectual horizons by promoting thoughtful reading, writing, discussion, and brainstorming in our students.




1. Gain Knowledge


2. Unbiased learning and thinking


3. Participation in knowledge-based activities


4. Enhance Skills


Club Activities:


1. Establish Club Library


2. Monthly book discussions


3. Story writing


4. Debates


5. Speeches


6. Drama


7. Creative Writing


8. Platform Speaking, Interpretive Speaking, and Limited Preparation Speaking





I. Book Reading & Else


1. Who's that character?


2. Which book is this from?


3. Dress up like your favourite literary character 


4. Literary magazine


II. Voicethread : How to write a Book / Stories


III. Battle of Books: Students will read selected pieces of classic literature with the intent to participate in “Battle of the Books” a reading incentive programme where students read books and come together to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge in a competition.


IV. Official Book Swap


Swap a Book they have already read for a book they have not in The Club Library.


V. Book Box: Fill out a slip with the name a book they have read and a short synopsis of it and recommend it for others to read.