Social & Community Service Club

“Selfless service is the rent we pay for living on this wonderful planet.”


                                                                                                                                                                                    -Robin Sharma


A healthy mind in a healthy body is what everybody cherishes. Sometimes the hand of fate strikes a blow….leaving people reeling under its impact! Sometimes misfortune meets people in the form of disabilities but the silver lining is that such people brave the odds and triumph refusing to be cowed down!


Some are challenged intellectually and whom can we serve better than these individuals upon whom fortune has not smiled enough? And is a common experience that there are so many challenged people who have overcome their vexing disabilities and still remain achievers and contribute to the society – A laudable class of special people indeed!


Delhi Public School, Secunderabad has taken an initiative to do those scintillating stars a service and they found it the most joyful and satisfying experience indeed! 


We also took part in activities like-


1. Joy of giving week
2. Donating books and clothes for children born of AIDS patients
3. Organized a signature campaign – where in students met people in their locality and requested them to pledge that they will not use words like 'mental' or retard' for the mentally retarded people.