Hobby Clubs

Hobby Clubs & Team Games


Hobby clubs encourages students to engage in activities out their own interest and aptitude.  The various hobby club activities kindle creativity, improve concentration, and foster self-esteem and enables students to derive immense satisfaction resulting in an overall positive impact.  They act as stress busters and provide a refreshing change for the young minds. 


Hobby Clubs are operational from Class I and above.  Students have to opt for any one category from the list of hobby club activities offered for the complete academic session. An optimum subscription is required for the Hobby Clubs to be operated.  Requests for change in Hobby Club during the session will not be entertained.


Hobby Clubs                                                          Team Games


01.Gymnastics                                                         1. Athletics


02. Karate                                                               2. Table Tennis                    


03.Tae kwon do                                                      3. Football


04. Skating                                                              4. Volleyball


05. Table Tennis                                                      5. Basketball


06. Chess                                                                6. Handball


07. Carroms                                                            7. Chess


08. Classical Dance                                                 8. Lawn Tennis


09. Tabla                                                                9. Cricket


10. Heritage Club                                                  10. Tae kwon do


11. Integrity Club


12. Literary Club


13. Western Dance


14. Folk Dance


15. Keyboard


16. Music (Vocal)


17. Art & Craft


18. Science Club


19. Theatre


20. Web Designing


21. German


22. Elocution and Speech & Drama




1. An optimum subscription is required for all Team Games and Hobby Clubs to be operated.


2. Students have to opt for one in each category for the complete academic session.


3. Requests for a change in Hobby Club/Team Games during the session will not be entertained.