The middle school years are a significant time in the schooling for Dipsites as the educational expectations rise and children are transitioned to next level in the academic ladder with greater focus on

1. Developing creative thinking and problem solving abilities

2. Augmenting the spirit of enquiry, creativity and objectivity

3. Developing and integrating the use of the four language skills-listening, speaking, reading

4. Instilling care and concern towards the environment

5. Establishing the relevance of school work and its connection to the outside world

6. Leading healthy lives/ adopting healthy lifestyle

7. Developing a humane outlook  with a tolerant attitude towards society and people

Besides the core subjects of English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, II language, General Knowledge, Computer Science- the students also study another language- i.e, III Language from Class V. The options include- French, Hindi, Sanskrit, or Telugu. Additionally, the students are also provided with ample opportunities for honing their social/ interpersonal skills though activities, workshops and team games. They are also encouraged to discover their passions, strengths, and challenges which will be further strengthened at the secondary stage.