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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

On behalf of the dynamic team at DPS Secunderabad I welcome everyone to the academic session 2017-18. The overarching theme we have decided to dwell upon this year is the idea of a global, ever-transforming world. The world is truly getting increasingly interwoven and enmeshed in every way, and technology is driving so much of this inter-weaving that the line between science fiction and reality is rapidly vanishing. Organs and limbs that can grow back, airborne cars, genomics, wired refrigerators that restock themselves digitally, time travel, optical camouflage... they all seem to have leapt out of sci-fi pages into our very orbit. Change will be so fast paced that adapting to change will probably have to be taught as an essential survival skill. Therefore, the field of school education will have to be far more fluid, receptive, synergistic and creative, all at once. Students who toddle into Nursery this year are going to join the work force after two decades. Educators and parents, who are each an inherent subset of the other, need to stand really tall with a very sharp and accurate visionary telescope to look that far into the future and work backwards to evolve a curriculum that will be relevant for another hundred years from there on. This, we believe is the challenge that a global tomorrow brings in its wake.


We, at DPS Secunderabad believe that we can keep pace with, and contribute to, this ever changing world. We will provide students several opportunities to come up with some path breaking, original work. Creative projects, hands on activities, discussions & debates will be geared towards stimulating original thought process. We seek the continued partnership of parents to ensure that we work in tandem.


The almanac, which serves like a blueprint for the year ahead, is an effective tool of communication. We request parents to familiarise themselves with the contents and encourage their wards to comply with the norms at all times.


We welcome you once again to a fulfilling 2017-18.






DPS Secunderabad