Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear All


The entire edifice of all academic and co-scholastic planning and execution at DPS, Secunderabad is founded on this inherent centrality of the child as the focal point of all endeavour. The pace of work also mirrors the compelling urgency of anticipating and meeting the timelines and milestones unique to children, for we believe that everything else in life can wait but the development of our students cannot wait. This is the belief system that has steered the school in the past fifteen years of its existence in Secunderabad, and will always continue to do so. While changing trends in education, changing pedagogic methods and innovative educational technology might influence and impact school education, such change is best leveraged only when the child is the pivot, the nucleus at all times.


I welcome parents, teachers and students to the academic year 2018-19 and wish everyone a fruitful and enriching year ahead. I request everyone to go through the almanac and familiarize themselves with the norms and rules listed here. The entire calendar of activities, events and assessments is also outlined through this document. The triangle that school, home and student trace together will function to its utmost efficacy if the norms are enlisted with clarity, and understood and adhered to, both, in letter and in spirit. I request parents to ensure that their ward brings the almanac to school daily. The almanac serves as a vital link between home and school. I request parents to use this link regularly.

 I welcome everyone to a fulfilling 2018-19 with the hope that, together, we can each achieve more.



DPS Secunderabad